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Regalo Easy Open 47-Inch Super Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate, Bonus Kit, Includes 4-Inch and 12-Inch Extension Kit, 4 Pack Pressure Mount Kit and 4 Wall Cups and Mounting Kit

Exactly what situations would you need to have expandable baby gates or an expandable pet gate? Well, of course there are quite a few forms of pet gates and baby gates to choose from. Some of the most common ones would be freestanding dog gates, but those are not automatically the best option for everyone. There are pressure mounted gates or hardware mounted gates that would be advisable for their sturdiness and firmness (hardware mounted for top of stairs, especially!). These are appropriate for dogs that are known as jumpers or sizable dogs and toddlers that could topple a freestanding gate. Hardware mount gates are recommended for home owners who want the barrier to be established indefinitely. But there are expandable pet gates and expandable baby gates for more expansive coverage of the wider areas in your house, too.

Expandable pet gates can be implemented for stairways, but as the name indicates, they can also be used for wider openings such as foyers and wide kitchen openings. This is a more beneficial alternative for some property owners who want to save money. Instead of placing two doggie or child barriers side by side to cover a wide area, the homeowner can resort to using just one expandable gate (depending on the size of the opening to be covered). These expandable gates can be used on the stairway, hallway or as a divider in a room. These would have different openings so freestanding barriers would not be as practical.

Undoubtedly, dog gates and baby safety gates that are used for the doorway with a standard size cannot be used for those with wider openings. If the room happens to have two doors or a wider opening, a singular barrier would not be enough. The property owner may need to mix together two or three freestanding gates to fill the gaps. This is not the circumstance with expandable pet gates. These barriers can quickly be altered to adjust to the size of the hallway or stairs.

There can be varying materials available for these expandable dog gates and baby safety gates. Some could be constructed out of plastic, while others might be made out of steel or wood. Those who are deciding to obtain an expandable dog gate should find out whether the gate is stable to assure that it is a model that will last. On top of the quality, homeowners should determine how easy it is to lengthen the gate. Other features to seek are expandable safety gates that possess a walk through swinging door for people. These allow for home owners to pass through without stepping over the gate. It may not sound bothersome in the case of low rise gates meant for smaller dogs. But If the gate is for large dogs, getting to the other side without a walk through gate will be awkward. Automated locks and safety features also make the expandable safety gate a desirable home safety purchase.

43.3″x28.3″Magic Dog Gate Pet Gate,Portable Folding Pet Safety Gate,Baby Safety Fence for House Indoor Stair/Doorway Use

Puppy gates are useful pet tools that allow less difficult canine supervision. Aside from situating pets inside of a specific location, the gate also make the area more pet-friendly by keeping them away from dangers in the house. Dog gates like these are also sensible in instances of houses that have more than one pooch. Just like with children, the more pets you have, the more difficult it becomes to keep them out of trouble!

So expandable baby gates or an expandable dog gate or two (or maybe just a static extra wide or irregular pet gate that comes in the width you need) could be the answer to your wide space coverage needs!

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