Pet Nail Grinders Are Safest For Trimming Dog Nails

We all love our pets so much. But, nobody likes to have them scratch up our furniture and floors. Nor do we like to have them tear holes in upholstery or pillows. And it’s very annoying dog or cat nails snag our clothing or hosiery, not to mention painful when they accidentally scratch us. But, all that aside, nail care is also absolutely essential for the comfort and health of our pets!

If you have ever done it yourself, you know that trimming their nails is scary, unpleasant, and can often be painful for your pet if you cut into the quick of the nail. If you’ve ever cut your own finger or toenails too short, you have had a small glimpse into what this pain is like – but cutting into the quick of your pet’s nails is more painful. And other than to yelp in pain or run under the bed, your dog or cat can’t give you very good feedback on how you are doing as the work is in progress. You can’t blame them for running away when you approach them with clippers. You can almost hear them thinking, “Oh no, not the dreaded nail clippers again,” as they run for that one place in the room where it’s impossible to reach them.

But rather than cutting your pet’s nails, there is another way. You can begin grinding dog nails or cat nails using a rotary pet nail grinder. PediPaws and PetiCure is are two of such pet nail grinders available that are used to gently sand down a cat or dog’s nails instead of using a traditional clippers. These grinders have a filing wheel that doesn’t cut the nail, just files it down.

Not only are grinders that are made for this purpose better than clippers, but they is much better solution than a regular rotary tool like the Dremel. Because they is specifically designed for this grooming task, these grinders have a well-designed pet nail guard and d not use a really high speed motor. The nail guard is a plastic case that surrounds the filing wheel, with a hole just big enough for your pet’s nail to fit through. Then the tool applies its precision filing wheel to gently remove thin layers of nail and leave the paws of your pet touchably soft and your home safe from scratches

In summary, these rotary pet nail grinders are fast and easy to use and are very gentle on your pet’s nails. They can be used on dogs, cats and pets of all ages and sizes. They leave no mess and are painless. In seconds your pet’s claws sharp and jagged edges are gone. Pet nail grinders are the fastest and easiest way to keep your pet nails trim, rounded and smooth without the mess.

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